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Our front door lock set broke, and we needed a replacement right away. I ordered one from webstores123 for nearly $300 (it's a Baldwin solid brass set) on 7/21. Their documentation says they ship from their facility within 2 days. They charged my credit card on 7/23. I saw this on my bank statement, and thought it must have shipped that day.

When I didn't receive a tracking number I became suspicious. I repeatedly emailed them and got no response. Finally on 8/1, very early morning, I contacted them again to ask if it was shipped, and when. Still there was no response, so late that afternoon I contacted my bank to dispute the charges, and was credited with bank funds.

I then emailed webstores123 again on 8/1 to cancel my order, as I would purchase elsewhere. On 8/8 I finally heard from them saying it had shipped. I said not to bother. They said it was too late. On 8/14 the item was left on my doorstep. Since we hadn't found a replacement yet, I thought, 'what the heck' and I opened it. The inside lever, or basically the only way to open the door from the inside, was missing and the packaging was such I knew it was not a new item from the manufacturer.

On 8/15 I requested an RGA. I heard no response. Finally, this evening, 8/29, I received a response:

Ticket #XXXXX

Dear XXX

I'm now waiting for the vendor to approve and send me the RGA paperwork. Please email me in 3 to 7 days if you do not hear back from me and I'll follow up again. The vendors sometimes need a little pushing to issue RGAs.


Also, before I approve your RGA, you will need to confirm that you agree to the 25% restocking fee plus shipping both ways. I understand that you tried to cancel the order but it was too late.



We emailed back and forth, with my repeating that the merchandise was defective and the whole transaction was unacceptable. His response over and over was:

We have two options:

1. I can replace any defective/damage issue (such as missing part) at no charge to you. I will just need to run this by the vendor to make sure that is a valid issue.

2. I can set up a return with a 25% restocking fee plus shipping both ways. If we find that the item is missing a part, then we will waive the shipping both ways.

Our policy is to REPLACE any damaged or defective items. If you make a return, the 25% restocking fee will stand.

Thank you.

My reply was to say that I had already gotten my money back from the credit card company. It was up to them to deal with him. His response was:

We will reply to the credit card company and get our money back. At that point, keep in mind that it will be too late to return the product.

So much for customer service! I will do all I can to be sure I get the word out not to order from this shady dealer!

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Don't be scared of Barry's threats...he won't win with the credit card dispute. I went through the same thing, and he told me he would set it all straight with the credit card company, and then I'd get charged shipping, a restocking fee, and a cancellation fee. I just kept the credit card company in the loop. I sent them all of his emails, including the ones where I asked to cancel and they ignored (he did the same thing to me, shipping it out even after I cancelled). They were always on my side, and I got my money back.

Barry/Phil are really not that smart...they makes a lot of mistakes. For a company who scams people so often...they really aren't very good at it. For instance, he told them he tried to call me several times and I wouldn't return his calls. That is easily proven false by checking my phone records.

In addition to Capital One, I filed a complaint with Mastercard as well, trying to get this company banned from them. I encourage you to do the same. I also filed a complaint with the BBB. There have been several complaints filed this summer alone.

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