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Don't try to find a return policy on their website, you will not find one.

Don't try and get timely answers.

Ask about shipping and get 3 different dates, 1 automated and 2 different ones from people.

Try and cancel and return something and you find that they will tell AMEX or anyone else whatever policy they feel like/make up that they say they notified you about.

Receive notice that shipment will be in 3 weeks, so you send an email cancelling, then all of a sudden they say it has already shipped overnight and it is too late to cancel.

You don't even know what "actual" store to contact about policy/shipping/etc because they never let you know what store you are dealing with until you see the charge on your bill from or whatever merchant they used.

You don't even know that you have to contact the "actual" merchant, not the 3rd part webstores123 about anything, because they don't tell you that you need to, and certainly don't tell you who that merchant is until you get charged.

They should be put out of business.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I had the exact experience, ordered it, found out the next day they couldn't ship it for 2 weeks, so i cancelled the next day, they sent it out anyway a few weeks later, i sent it back to them with a tracking number and can't get any response from anyone. I am going to give them 24 hrs and then I will be reporting them to the attorney generals office for fraud charges. I suggest everyone else do the same thing and put this company out of business so they can't continue to operate this way and rip people off.

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