Just as everyone else has described; charged my credit card same day. Gave ship date of 5/9/11 and provided non-existent tracking #s when I called and pressed them for info.

On 5/16 when I said the numbers were fraudulent; they said they'd contact the "vendor." I didn't wait. Cancelled. Disputed charge w/credit card company; reported to Better Business Bureau!

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Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I order a MrSteam butler package from them at a very good price. It took about a week to get my product.

I contacted them by email and by phone. I was concerned that I had been ripped " OFF ". But they continued to work on getting me shipping details from there supplier. Finally they gave me there reps name and number which I called and he said that he was sorry for the problem and that they had made numerous attempts to contact him and it was his fault.

He told me it had already shipped out and I received my product two days later.

Everything was as promised and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you Webstores123

David Leewright


Sometimes web stores don't actually have the inventory they put online. When you order it, they order it from someone else. Sometimes that someone else drops the ball. I could see it would be an easy case that the "vendor" as they mentioned gave back the wrong tracking number for the drop shipment in which case the webstore would need to contact them. It could have been a simple mix up in paperwork.

Disputing the charge on your credit card without giving the webstore at least a chance to refund your money through their credit card merchant actually hurts their rating with the credit card processing company and can make their rates go up. It's actually kind of a crappy thing to do to them especially if you did not even take a moment to request a refund and give them the chance to make right on it. Disputes should always be the last ditch effort if the webstore refuses to make things right for you.

In this situation, the web store itself might not even be at fault, it could simply be a vendor who dropped the ball.

Also, in doing all the things you just did, you only created a mound of paperwork the webstore has to do. Although in the case, since they did not actually ship anything, the CC side of it is easier on them, but the BBB requires you to fill out all kinds of paperwork explaining who the ahole is, you or them. And in this case, it sounds like you are. :cry

The reason that I know all of this is that I have operated many e-stores and still do. People seem to expect that every website looks like office depot on the inside. Well the truth is that in order to compete online margins are slim. When margins are slim, cash flow is more difficult. Inventory is tough to buy on low margins, so you stock on what sells, continue to advertise what doesn't always sell and order when you need to.. ie, someone like you places in order for that item. Just middlemen.

So based on your review, this would not worry me at all about buying from webstore123. Now, if they didn't answer your calls, didn't answer your emails, tried to keep your cash anyway (sounds like you didn't even give them that chance) then I might be a little leery. Since you have no further details on the item you ordered or how they handled you (friendly, not friendly) I would have to deem this post "NO BIG DEAL"

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