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No matter how tempting the price, no matter how tempting the deal, no matter if they offer you free shipping, do not order from this store! It is a scam. Plain and simple.

They will lure you in with a good price, and then they will betray you by adding in all these additional "fees". You will think, "what the heck, I've already filled everything out, and it's still a competitive price", and you order anyways. That's when the fun will start!

They will tell you the shipping date is soon, but the product will never ship. You will ask them what the status is, and all of a sudden it ships. But wait! They accidentally shipped the wrong items! They have no idea how this happened! They are so sorry...

They will claim it will take another 3-4 weeks for the correct parts to come in. Meanwhile, your credit card has already been charged. You write them, "I cannot wait 3-4 weeks for this, please cancel this order", but alas, your email will not be answered. Don't try to call, because no phone number will be found.

Meanwhile, the incorrect shipment arrives to find two plastic parts worth about $2 with no receipt, no return information, and no information of what the parts actually are. You will write them to ask them how to return these wrong items…but to no avail.

You will Google the company to find numerous other complaints about them, and you will feel *** for not doing this earlier. You will realize soon after you've been scammed, and then you will call the credit card company to dispute the charge.

Magically, WebStores123 contacts you again! Yes! You're back on their radar! They will tell you that you did not follow the correct procedure for returning things! There are proper steps to take you know. You will complete these steps, but then they will claim that you did indeed receive the correct items! How dare you try to cancel! They will not accept your request for cancellation.

To this day, the story continues...but if I had advice to anyone, it is DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! And if you do...keep good records of all your communication. The credit card company will be requesting it.

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I ordered some lighting parts on 6/30/11 from this company. My credit card was charged, but I never received the items. I've sent three emails, but still don't have received the order.

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