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I ordered outdoor lighting from this website, I got a confirmation of my purchase and a shipping date.The order was placed almost a month ago and I am still waiting for my delivery.

I tried to email/call (after having to do an exstensive internet search to even find a phone number, there is not one listed on the website) almost every day for over a week and no one ever responds to my email and when I call it usually gives me an automated run around and eventually says "error 666" and disconnects me. I ultimately had to contact my bank and file a dispute against the charge, and this is even after warning Webstore123 several times in my email this is what I was going to do if they never updated me on the status of my order. All I wanted was a tracking number or some kind of info letting me know where my lights are. One the website all is says under order status is, "awaiting shipment or in shipping process" which to me is two very different steps of the process....

This place had the lights I was looking for at the cheapest price but I would now gladly pay more for the peice of mind that I know I would be getting them.I honeslty beleive this webstie is a scam and a rip off so I would advise no one to ever shop here!

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They did eventually come but without any notice.I ended up re-ordering them from a different site because I decided the 123 site was just a scam and contacted my bank about a fraudulent transaction.

I never received a notice that they were being shipped or ever got a hold of anybody, and they did show up sometime after.

So unfortumately I kept the lights from 123 and sent the other ones back.I would had rather given the other, more reliable companyy business but Infigured after the whole ordeal and how complicated and frustrating it would have been to try to send the 123 order back and getting refund.

to James Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India #588686

i am the new owner of this site from india and i wish to serve my customers well


did you ever receive your item? I also order from them. I am still waiting for mine

to d vu Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India #588691

i am the new owner of this site from india and i wish to serve my customers well

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