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I ordered two lamps from this seller and one of the lampshades is stained. There is no way to contact " Webstores123 " other than e-mail, which is , totally, useless. "Barry" responds that he will look into it. That's it! You will never get your problem resolved. I spoke to the manufacturer of this product and they are willing to assist me, as they produce a quality product.

My advice.... never use a seller or a site that does not have a verifiable phone number.

Read all the complaints and be forewarned. I wish I did!

Stay away, they are scam artists.

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Make sure you are dealing with a site that lists their local address, phone number and actual email on their site. They are supposed to actually do this according to most Credit Card Acceptance companies.

I don't know how webstores123 gets away with this.

They are trying to hide something for a reason. Beware and be safe.

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